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Pallet Truck

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Electric Drive and Lift Pallet Truck (Walk or Ride) Capacity 2000kg and 1200kg, 1 Page

Brochure: Yellow Pallet Trucks, 1 Page, NP
Brochure: Yellow Special Pallet Trucks, 1 Page, NP
Pallet Truck
Date Updated
Warequip - Pallet Truck 1500 (low profile) - 2500kg Capacities, 1 page - np

Lifters and Stackers

Medium to Heavy Weight (+500kg Copacity) Lifters and Stackers
Electric Lift and Electric Drive Lifters / Stackers
Electric Lift and Manual Drive Lifters / Stackers
Manual Lift and Manual Drive Lifters / Stackers
Light ot Medium Weight (up to 450kg capcity) Lifters / Stackers
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Manual Lifters/Stackers
Electric Lifters/Stackers
Walkie Stackers
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Walkie Stackers, 1 Page, NP
Voyager Freedom Walkie Stacker, 1 Page, No Prices
Scissor Lifters
Scissorlift - MANUAL, 1 page, NP
  • Foot operated hydraulic pump, combined with lever control release are standard on all modelsCapacities range
  • From 150kg to 800kg and lift height range from 740mm to 1300mm high lift.
Scissorlift - WITH PNEUMATIC WHEELS, 1 page, NP
  • 200kg capacity scissorlift with PNEUMATIC WHEELS.
  • Foot operated hydraulic pump, combined with lever control release are standard on all models.
Scissorlift - ELECTRIC, 1 page, NP
  • Built in battery pack
  • Lifts up to 900mm and takes a 300kg capacity.
Powered Liftmate Trolley
Powered Liftmate Trolley, 1 page
  • Powered LIFTMATE battery driven trolley, with universal built in charger and scissorlift top.
  • Deck size – 1100 x 480mm
    Max height – 1630mm
    Handle height – 1100mm
    Min table height – 470mm

Trolleys and Handtruck

Powered Cagemate Trolley
Powered Cagemate Trolley, 1 page
  • Powered CAGEMATE battery driven trolley, with universal built in charger and lift off painted cage sides.
  • Deck size – 1100 x 630mm
    Cage depth – 600mm
    Handle height – 1100mm
Trolleys / HandTrucks / WorkTainer
Work Tainers: High Volume Capacity, Mesh Trolleys, 1 Page, NP
Prestar Trolley- 300kg and 500kg capacity Worktainer - Foldable and Nesting ability trollyes , Suitable for Bulky goods, Laundry, Clothing, Groceries, warehouse, and Supermarket.
Aluminium Trolleys / HandTrucks :- Folding RUXX
Ruxx 2 Wheeled Light Weight Aluminium HandTrucks, 1 Page, No Prices
Wolfcart - Foldable Handtrucks, 1 page
  • German design and built
  • Folding ergonomic handle
  • Fold up platform
  • 200kg capacity
  • Standard with pneumatic wheels
  • Comes in carton (handle assembly only)
  • Use as a handtruck or wheelbarrow
  • High resting platform surface
MAGLINER - Trolleys and Handtrucks
Magliner Aluminium Handtrucks, 3 pages, np
Powered Gemini folding Handtrucks, 1 page, np
Plastic Trolleys :- Folding
Date Updated
Instructions For :- Clax 4 Wheeled Folding Trolley, 8 Pages, NP
Clax 4 Wheeled Folding Trolley, 2Page, No Prices
26 - July 2011
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Flatbed Trolleys

Prestar Flat Bed Trolleys / Platform Truck
PRESTAR Platform Truck 5Page, NP
Prestar Platform trucks have no equal, with nearly 30 different models in the range. Manufactured in Japan, this world-class product features 4 basic deck sizes, ergonomic handles (fixed or folding), non slip mats, heavy duty castors, in single, double or triple deck models.

It certainly is not difficult to distinguish the Prestar platform trucks from the other products in the market place, simply push the product and discover the ease and maneuverability of the world's best trolleys.

Prestar Platform Trucks - P Series
PRESTAR Light Weight Platform Truck 1Page, NP .... NOW on our chirstmas special !
The P Series feasture the same outstanding style and quality of the standard Prestar platform truck range, although they have a plastic base.
Ideal in the food servce industry there are 2 models with capacities ranging from 120kg to 300kg.
Features of the P series include plastic base with folding handle, protective handle cap and the trolley come standard with a brake kit.
SUMO Flat Bed Trolleys / Platform Truck
SUMO Platform Truck 2 Pages, NP
The Sumo range of platform trucks are in the budget line. With outstanding features like other platform trucks on the market, the Sumo range suits all needs. Coming in 3 basic deck sizes with 3 (150, 300 & 500kg) weight capacities.

The Sumo range provides all folding handling models, double deck models, triple deck models and cage style. The Sumo range would suit any industry with the maximum capacity load of 500kg.

Powered Trolley
Powered Pushmate Trolley, 1 pages
  • Compact in size
  • Designed for easy handling
  • Variable speed control
  • Battery operated
  • Universal charger