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Material Lifts Series 2000 -2 Pages-np
Lifting Capacity Ranges: 445 kg, 360 kg and 300 kg
The Series 2000 is build for heavy material such as steel beams and/or continuous work.
This compact lift offers stronger mast design and a superior cabling system.
The shorter mast sections allow the 2000 to travel through doorways without tripping and to fit nicely into vehicles with small storage space.
Material Lifts Series 2100 -2 Pages-np
Contractor Material Lifts, Lifting Capacity: 300 kg
Unmatched as a good all around contractor lift, the Series 2100 features a taller mast to reach desired work heights while requiring fewer mast sections.
Hence, the 2100 is less expensive and lighter.
The base, forks, winch etc. are the the same as the series 2000.
Material Lifts Series 2200 -2 Pages-np
"Lil' Hoister" Material Lifts, Lifting Capacity: 135 kg
The series 2200 comes in 4 different models with a variety of different uses.
  • The 2204 Lift is ideal for use with vans, pickups and small vehicles. Lift and load HVAC units, tools, cement bags, equipments, etc with ease.
  • The 2206 Lift is compact, lightweight and easy to handle. It features double masts making it ideal for office equipment and boxes of items. When folded, it can fit into most auto trunks.
  • The 2208 Lift is double masted and has many applications including positioning hospital TVs, equipment installation and wall-mounting AC units.
  • The 2210 Lift has the highest reach in the 2200 series. The double-mastered 2210 Lift offers the capability of lifting light fixtures or AC units in low ceiling buildings.
Material Lifts Series 2311 and 2315, 2 Pages-np
2300 Drywall/HVAC Lifts
Lifting Capacity: 70 kg
Lifts duct up to 24" (60 cm) diameter and up to 150 lb. (70kg), cradle arms adjust from 12" (30 cm) to 24" (60 cm)Ideal for installation of four bulb fluorescent light fixtures. Lifting posts come with insulated protection.
Material Lifts Series Roust-A-Bout -1 Pages-np
The Versatile Lift That Makes a One Man Crew!
Lifting Capacity: 680 kg
The Roust-A-Bout enables one man to lift and place loads in tight locations that would be impossible with other lifts.
The flexible Roust-A-Bout not only makes the job possible . . . it can pay for itself in days by reducing job time.