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Brochure: Patient LiftMate: Brewer, 4 Pages, NP (~1MB)
  • Low/High mobile patient lift
  • Safety-enhancing< with Large non-slip platform
  • Step-saving solution that helps prevent patient falls
  • assists patients on to and off of any standard exam table or elevated procedural surface quickly, easily and safely.
  • Four auto lock rubber feet for stability
  • Fits through standard doorways
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Works with any exam table – regardless of age or brand
  • Hand rails with grip helps keep patients safe and secure while in motion
  • Easy to operate
Brochure: Medical Equipment: Flexicarts, 12 Pages, NP (~1.4MB)
  • Flexicart, Medication, Emergency, Theatre, Resuscitation cart
Mortuary Lifter and Mortuary Lifter Concealment Trolleys, 1 page
  • Designed for the movement of Cadavers from ward to mortuary unit.
  • Or for the use in the mortuary unit for placement or viewing
  • Easy movement and work in conjunction with the Mortuary Refrigeration and Freezers (please email to for Mortuary Regfrigeration & Freezer Brochure)
THE ImageLifter TM CASKET TROLLEY, 1 page
  • Ideal for use in the chapel, crematoria and for viewing the deceased, this sturdy trolley is the best on the market and simply cannot be compared with regular church trucks.
  • This trolley is the practical answer for funeral directors combining funeral industry OHS&W requirements, racticality, durability, aesthetics and labour cost savings
  • Come with touch button height adjustment.
  • Lockable rollers allow the casket to be slid smoothly and effortlessly