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Dexion Pallet Racking | Compactus Storage | Filing Solutions

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Compactus Storage & Filing Solutions - Mobile Shelving

Compactus technology is all about individual modules that compact to eliminate the need for multiple aisles, thus providing huge floor space savings.
When it comes to making the best use of the cube, Compactus integrates with the most advanced shelving systems available, Ultima CI-80, to ensure you can store any item in an orderly and secure manner.

Ultima CI-80 Shelving suitable for Side2Side, Freetrack, Mekdrive & Multi-Bay Compactus
Click here to see DEXION Compactus - Mobile Shelving System
Ultima CI-80 : The most complete, adjustable, filing and storage system
Brochure: Ultima CI-80 complete with accesories, 2 Pages, NP
Brochure: Ultima CI-80 Accesories, 2 Pages, NP
  • Totally modular and versatile, it is the most complete adjustable shelving package and small part storage system vailable.
  • Its flexibility allows it to grow as your business grows.
  • Start simply and add on later, to the side, at the rear or even upwards.
  • With a complete range of accessories, the applications for this product are unlimited.
  • Ultima CI-80 can even be mounted on Compactus mobile bases and runners.
  • To covert your static shelving as you grow your business
KolorKode: Labelling Storage Solutions
Introduction -KolorKode: Filing Systems, Labels, Wallets, Fasteners, etc, 4 Pages, np
KolorKode - LABELS, 3 Pages, np
KolorKode - FILES, 3 Pages, np
KolorKode - FASTENERS, 1 Page, np
Keylock MK6: Efficient & Versatile Pallet Racking Storage Solutions
MK6 Pallet Racking Systems, 1 Page, NP
MK6 Racking Accessories, 2 Pages, NP
MK6 Racking: Timber Storage Example (Images), 2 Pages, NP
Brochure: 8 Ways to Store Pallets, 2 Pages, NP
Brochure: Welded Wire Decking for Keylock Pallet Racking, 1 Pages, NP
Brochure: MantaMesh Welded Wire Decking, 4 Pages, NP
Longspan: Modular & Versatile Storage Solution
Brochure: Longspan Storage System, 4 Pages, NP
"NS" Longspan Shelving System
NS-series Longspan Shelving 3-5 Tier
NS-Series Longspan Frame Assbl 2500H
NS-Series Longspan Frame Assbl 2200H
Slotted Angle
Brochure: Slotted Angle Construction System, 3 Pages, NP
Assembly Guide : Slotted Angle Construction System, 7 Pages, NP
  • Dexion Slotted Angle provides simple cost efficient solutions to virtually any storage requirement.
  • Slotted Angle is used in a wide variety of applications including shelving, benches, trolleys and light construction work such as creating supports or structural bases.
Maxi Bins and Accessories: Small Parts Storage and Handling System
Brochure: Maxi Small Parts Storage and Handling System, 6 Pages, NP
  • The various bin sizes allow components to be stored in convenient quantities and to be instantly visible and vailable for selection.
  • Accessories include hooks, peg board hanger, shelf trays and trolleys.
  • The Maxi system is so versatile it can be free standing, mobile, wall or bench mounted to suit your work environment.
  • P45 bins are typically used in dust sensitive environments.When stacked, dust particles are impeded from entering the front or the top of the bin. The front screen is hinged at the top to provide access to the contents.
Shelf Bins : Small Parts Storage and Handling System
Brochure: Shelf Bins - Small Parts Storage and Handling System, 2 Pages, NP
  • Dexion Shelf Bins are designed to be incorporated within the Ultima shelving system.
  • When placed on a shelf they create convenient drawer-like access for small parts.
  • Integrate Dexion Shelf Bins with other Dexion products for the ultimate small parts storage solution.
  • Shelf Bins are available in 3 depths - 295, 445, 600mm.
  • They are also available in 2 widths - 105 and 168mm.
  • Shelf Bin dividers allow you to divide the bins into 8 compartments regardless of the bin size.