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Waste Management Solutions

Prices shown may not be current at the time of viewing.
Spacepac Wheelie Bin Movers / Trailers
Aluminium Sulo & OTTO Wheelie Bin Trolley
Aluminium Wheely Bin and Multi purpose Trolley
2 Bin Trailer - Wheelie Bin Mover
2 Bin Trailer - Wheelie Bin Mover
  • Custom built for Australian conditions, This Bin Mover can transport 2 x 240 liter bins, with ease.
  • Simply hook the trailer onto the back of your vehicle or Spacepac Australia Tug.
  • The steel ramp makes it easy to load and unload your wheelie bins.
  • Bins are secured with a bin divider and the ramp held in place by two latches.
  • Tow bracket: standard bracket to attach to your vehicle 50mm towball or optional bracket for your Spacepac Tug or Ride-on Mower. - Powder-coated steel frame and ramp
Spacepac Australia Battery Electric Bin Movers
Spacepac Electric Equipment
  • Spacepac Battery electric Products are manufactured to comply with the most strict safety and quality standards and are Australian compliant
  • Spacepac supply wide range of battery electric bin movers and lightweight Trolley / Trailer to suit transport of 80, 120, 240, 660 and 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins.
Bin-Safe Battery Electric Bin Mover
Bin-Safe Battery Electric Bin Mover
  • Industry designed for moving up to three 240 L bins.
  • Long life, minimal maintenance and ease of use.
  • Forward and reverse with two speeds; slow and fast.
  • Effective braking and also emergency brake.
  • High quality gray, non-marking 8 x 2.5 4ply pneumatic tyres.
  • Commercial quality with heavy duty batteries for industrial use.
Bin-Safe Bin Handling Trolley - Carry up to 160 kgs
Bin-Safe Bin Handling Trolley - Carry up to 160 kgs
  • A quiet, safe, convenient and efficient method of handling single, multiple or very heavy wheelie bins.
  • The Bin-Safe Bin Handling System is made up of a specialised trolley and two brackets.
  • Large Diameter wheels to travel easily over rough ground.
  • The trolley can lift any size bin from 120l up to 240l, from any side.
  • Two bins can be lifted at once side by side, or using a bracket, piggyback fashion.
Industrial Bin-Safe Bin Handling Trolley
Industrial Bin-Safe Bin Handling Trolley
  • Handling one very heavily laden bin.
  • 2 x Large Diameter HDPP Wheels to travel easily over rough ground.
  • The trolley can lift any size bin from 120l up to 240l, from any side.
  • The Bin-Safe Bin Handling System is made up of a specialised trolley and two brackets.
Modular Bin Mover / Trailer - 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 bay long trailer
Spacepac - Australia Modular Bin Mover / Trailer
  • Designed for 80, 160 & 240L bins
  • For loads 480kg (2 bay) up to 1920kg (8 bay)
  • Easily traverses outdoor terrain and weatherproof
  • Adaptable with Spacepac Australia electric powered Tugs
Universal Towing Device for 660L & 1100L Wheelie Bin
Universal Towing Device for 660L & 1100L Wheelie Bin
  • This universal towing device can be used for all plastic waste bins 660L and 1100L OTTO (MGB) and SULO as well as the steel 1100L
  • Solidly fixed to the base of the bin using the castor mounting bolts
  • No need to drill holes in the bin... suitable for heavy loads in the bin
  • Superior and innovative design
  • Spring Loaded Draw Bar
2 Wheeled Bins
Refuse Containers: Wheelie Bins & Waste Bins
  • These Refuse containers are produced from a Specially developed low pressure polyethylene.
  • They comply with existing quality standards for Plastic Refuse Containers.
Commercial Bins
Commercial Waste Bins
• Stronger, redesigned body
• Reinforced base, wheel houseing and comb construction
• Flexible lid to resist maximum strain
• Less wear and tear - increasing expected lifetime
• Improved emptying characteristics
• Reinforced and protected hinge arrangement
Mobile Garbage Bins
Mobile Garbage Bins, 1 page
Superior material quality and workmanship, low dead weight, user friendly: these are the outstanding features of the wheeled plastic containers
Street Furnishing Bins
Street Furnishing Bins, 1 page
High molecular polyethylene, compact injection moulding process, guarantees a long service life, is stabilized against UV rays and due to its characteristic material properties is extremely robust, frost and chemical resistant.
Bin Lifters & Tippers
Multi-Tip Bin Tipper
150kg capacity - perfect solution to the problems of emptying heavy MGB bins and drums into larger bins for disposal.
LiftMaster Bin-Lifters - Manual and Electric
The ideal unit for anybody who has to lift light weights infrequently - Suitable for 240, 140, 120 & 80 litre wheelie bins
Dumpmaster - 'Standard Series' bin-tippers
The Electro- Hydraulic Bin-lifter can empty bins up to 150kg with the push of a button.
Minimum Effort - Maximum Results.
Vehicle Mounted Bin Lifter
The new generation bin lifters uses safety, functionality and realibility as its base platform.
Five Methods of operations
Wheelie Bin Lift Trolley
Manual winch lift with manual push and power drive. Move bins in hospitals, nursing houses, aged care, ramps and on footpaths. Universal lift range of bin sizes - 80, 120, 240L
Waste Collection Containers
Brute Round/Square Containers
Step-on Containers
Untouchable containers and tops
Marshal Classic Bin
Recycling Boxes
Glutton® Recycling Station
Soft Wastebaskets
GroundsKeeper Smoking management receptacle
GroundsKeeper Tuscan
Plaza Containers
Gas Station/Store Front Containers