Brochures On Traffic Control Systems

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Tru-Gard Bollards - protection against vehicle and fork truck damage to your building and assets_3pg_np
  • Standard Bollards and Large Bollards are the most popular for protection of pallet racking, door tracks and corners of walls. Ground mounts, to set into the concrete, are also available for extra heavy duty mounting.
  • Removable Bollards placed in front of entrances and roller doors offer excellent security and protection from ram-raids. Removable bollards are also ideal for restricting vehicle access.
  • Door Frame Bollards give maximum protection to your door and door frame. This can prevent thousands of dollars of damage from wide vehicles and extra high fork lift trucks.
  • Personnel Frames help prevent foot traffic from entering the path of heavy traffic.
TRU-GARD Barrier - protection against fork truck damage to your buildings and assets_3pg_np
  • The extensive range of components available make the TRU-GARD Barrier an ideal option for many areas where protection is required.
  • The TRU-GARD Barrier is available galvanised or “safety yellow,” and all other hardware and components are also galvanised for superior corrosion resistance.
  • The complete system, when installed to certain specifications, is certifi ed to stop a total mass of 4 metric tonnes moving at a speed of 3.5km/hr, 90° to the barrier.
  • The barrier and components are also prepunched with slots for ease of assembly and installation.

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Vertiflex - KnockDown Sign or Post Mounting System Can Be Used With Poly Chain And/Or Signs, 2 pages
  • No internal cables to fray or snap. Welded or push-in post cap at top.
  • Quick to repair or replace due to simple assembly. Standard Post Heights: 600 - 900 - 1200mm or to request.
  • Adjustable return/spring tension for different sign weights. Standard bolt pattern on base to replace existing installations.
  • White polymer base & UV Protected High Density poly post add to visibility.
  • Fixed orientation means signs cannot point in the wrong direction creating a potentially dangerous situation.
  • Injection Moulded Components moulded in engineering grade polymers for maximum durability.
Safety Equipment: General Road or Traffic: Reflectors, Posts, Cones, etc, 1 Page, NP
  Sign and Traffic Post Fittings, 1 Page, np
Spacepac: Wheel Stops - Concrete (1650mmLong and 2000mm Long), 1 Page
Barriers - Mobile Barriers
  Pedestrian Zone Barriers - 1200mm High, 3 Pages, np
  Traffic & Pedestrian Management, 1 Page, np
  Triton Barriers - Confirm to the Australian Crash Barrier Standards "AS/NZ 3845-199 - Crash Barriers", 2 Pages, NP
Minimum Installation Required
Barriers - Parking Barriers
  Spacepac: Collapsible & Lockable Parking Space Protector, 1 Page, np
Minimum Installation Required
Cable & Hose Protection
  - Line Backer Cable Protectors 1,2,3,4,5 Channel Cable Protectors 
Minimum Installation Required
Pedestrian Management
  Strongway Retractable Belt Queuing System, Images, 1 Page, np
Speed Humps
  Speed Humps Australia: Speed Humps, 2 Pages, np
Traffic Cones
Revolution Traffice Cone with Black Base, 1 page
  • Premium Grade PVC Injection Moulding Technology
  • The most durable traffic cones in the market.
  • Levelling Differential Mechanism
  • Circle Interlocking System (CIS) create stronger mechanism foundation for absorb huge amounts of force from impacts without causing damage
  Safety Equipment: Traffic Cones & Signs - Blank, Custom Made & Pre-Printed, 1 Page, np