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Shelving System | Longspan shelving | Compactus Filing Systems

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Spacepac - Round Post
CASIFIT Galvanised Shelving with Clear Epoxy Coating
CASIFIT Stainless Steel Shelving
CASIFIT Polyester Coated Coolroom/Freezer Shelving
CASIFIT Display Shelving
CASIFIT Wine Racks
CASIFIT Utility Carts
CHROME Wire Shelving
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Casifit SIDE RAILS / Shelving ACCESSORIES (Clamps, Hooks, Castors) / Shelf STRIPS, CLIPS and BRACKETS
Spacepac - Longspan
Shelving:- Boltless Longspan, for Archiving, Supermarket and General Storage, 1 Page, np
Shelving:- Boltless, for Archiving, Supermarket and General Storage, Capacity: Up to 400Kgs per Bay, 1 Page, np
  • Boltless shelving is designed with side supports on both ends of the shelf unit.
  • Shelves adjust on 38mm (1½") centres.
  • Units come complete with steel framing and plyboard decking with mid supports.
  • Power coated finish - in cream colour.
Longspan Shelving System 3 to 5 Tiers, 5 Pages, np
  • Strong, durable, versatile & economical
  • By minimising the number of uprights, Longspan makes the most of available space making it ideal for a wide variety of Applications: automotive parts, archives, retail, factory and warehouse.
  • Use for : High density storage of small items.
  • Storage of large, heavy and bulky items
  • Storage of long, odd shaped or awkward items
  • Ideal for archive storage boxes - back to back
Spacepac - M-SPAN Shelving
M-SPAN Shelving - Stainless Steel Posts and Polypropylene (food grade) Shelves.
  • M-Span Shelving is HACCP AUSTRALIA APPROVED and has built in LIFE Anitmicrobial Protection
  • M-Span shelves are rated to 150 kg evenly spaced per tier.
  • The large flat open surfaces of the M-Span shelf enhance the airflow through the holes in the surface of the shelf.
  • Clear access corner units and add on units use stainless steel M-Span shelf clips eliminating 2 posts.
Spacepac - B Series
Maxitek Mobile Shelving System, 9 pages
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany for more than 30 years, The Maxitek™ range of static and mobile storage provides medium to high density storage for a range of applications and offers a level of quality and reliability never before seen in the Australian market.
  • For archive materials, which require ventilation from all sides, Maxitek™ is your ideal solution. The system can be supplied with open or closed fronts as preferred. The extreme flexibility of the system ensures optimum adaptability to suit individual space constraints. Maxitek™ can be supplied in the form of rolling or static shelving.

Mediatek Library Shelving System
  • The Mediatek™ range of shelving is designed to offer space efficient and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. Utilise the versatile Mediatek™ system to create shelving arrangements which are flexible, durable and reliable.
  • The Mediatek™ shelves and shelf accessories can be assembled and adjusted without the use of tools or special equipment. Shelves and accessories an be positioned at 15mm intervals to suit various sized books and media. Once assembled the shelves and pillars create a load bearing structure capable of supporting heavy weights. Mediatek™ shelves are made from high quality steel with a proven load capacity of 70kg per shelf UDL*.
  • Space optimisation, efficiency and operator convenience are priorities of a Mediatek™ installation. Developed and manufactured in Europe for more than thirty years, the Mediatek™ range draws on proven design solutions and years of development to offer a superior level of quality, flexibility and durability for every installation.
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K Series
Stor Bay Shelving Modules, various combinations of the parts boxes
  • No installation cost or hassles
  • 330mm or 450mm deep
  • 1830mm High and 890mm Wide
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Shelving Systems: Metroshelf, 1Page
  • Steel shelves, wire shelves and baskets are available in 915mm lengths only.
  • Melamine shelves are available in full bay lengths.
  • Any combination of frame height, bay length and shelf depth are available.
  • Suitable for Supermarkets, Hardware Stores, Variety Stores, Warehouse Storage, Automotive Storage, Stationary Stores, Convenience Stores, Fruit & Vegetables Stores, Fuel Outlets, Pharmacies, Specialty Stores
SP KF2 Style Shelving 2 pages
  • Bolt-free design for rapid assembly
  • Capable of with standing loads of up to 5000 kg per bay
  • Multi-tier installations can be added at a later date
  • Suitable for Logistics and Transportation; Automotive spare parts; Light to medium weight small items such as files, small boxes, brochures.etc.
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Van Shelving
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