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MULTI PURPOSE DRUM TROLLEY is very easy to load due to its swing axle, which moves the load centre back as you tilt the drum until it comes to rest on four wheels. By pushing down on the handles, the MPDT turns into a drum stand to decant the drum's contents. Internal wheels allow the drum to rotate in the stand to prevent leaks or to place the bung in the correct position.

PALLET LOADING DRUM TRUCK is an economical method of taking steel drums on and off standard pallets.

Stainless Steel Drum Trolley
Stainless Steel Drum Trolley - Drum Sizes 50-230 Ltr
  • An ergonomic drum trolley that is designed to protect the operator.
  • Its totally unique Patented operation ensures that input loads are kept below 20kg even when lifting 300kg.
  • Max SWL 300 Kg
  • Max Input Force 20 Kg
  • Ground Clearance 75 mm
  • Drum Sizes 50-230 Ltr
  • Width 795 mm
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  • Stainless Steel Drum Dispensing Cradle
    Stainless Steel Drum Dispensing Cradle
  • The STS Cradles offer a safe effortless way to turn 200 litre drums and barrels from the vertical to the horizontal.
  • The DCR01 Dispensing Cradle is ideal for decanting 200 litre drums and barrels; braked castors and handle storage in the base prevents the cradle from tipping.
  • Maximum SWL 300kg
  • Overall Width 600mm
  • Overall Length 870mm
  • Maximum Input Force 25kg
  • Dispensing Height 350mm
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  • Stainless Steel Drum Rollover Cradle
    Stainless Steel Drum Rollover Cradle
  • Constructed in full stainless steel the DTC01 Drum Trolley is suitable for drum and barrel handling from 50 litres (10 gallon) to 200 litres (45 gallon).
  • The drum trolley is fitted with an adjustable catch allowing it to suit different drums and barrels such as mausers, XL ring, plastic and open top steel.
  • Maximum SWL 300kg
  • Overall Width 600mm
  • Overall Length 1000mm
  • Maximum Input Force 15kg
  • Overal Height 980mm
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  • Side-Shift De-Palletiser
    Side-Shift De-Palletiser - Standard Lift Height 370mm
  • The Side Shift De-Palletiser's Unique versatility means no more moving of drums by hand.
  • It is the only unit in the world that can handle drums on and off pallets or bunds from any position.
  • Maximum SWL 350kg
  • Overall Width 1620mm
  • Overall Length 950mm
  • Max Lift Height 575 mm
  • Overal Height 1320mm
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    • Unique pivot design enables accurate pouring greatly reducing spills or wastage
    • Easy to assamble
    • Removes the need to struggle with heavy and awkward drums

    Safepour has been commended by worksafe and many industries are using the system to reduce costs and workplace injuries.

    Realease Pump is a spill-free portable pump wich represents a totally new concept for the safe, easy and cost effective handling of containerised liquids - Rodburn-GT-Range
    Dispense liquids safely with vertical pumping systems. All transfer pumps are provided with built-in flash arresters to ensure the safe transfer of liquids. ensure that the chemical that you are using is compatible with the pump that you choose. - PBA-Range
    Econo Pump - Use in food application, most disinfectants, all detergets.
    Heavy duty Siphon - use for many chemicals excluding strong solvents
    240ml plastic - compatible with most cleaning industry chemicals.
    Spigot - large opening for viscous liquids, unaffevted by most acids, caustics, oils.